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  • Parents pledge to represent the RoughRiders Baseball Club (RR) in a positive manner and to be supportive of their player’s baseball development by following the RoughRiders Parent Expectations.

  • Parents will demonstrate support and respect for all RR managers, coaches, parents, and players.

  • Parents will demonstrate respect for other players, coaches, and fans.

  • Parents will show respect for umpires and their decisions.

  • Parents will leave all conversations with umpires and opposing coaches to RR coaches.

  • Parents will refrain from coaching their player during RR games and practices and leave the coaching to RR coaches.

  • Parents will not interfere with RR coaches’ efforts to perform their jobs.

  • Parents agree to wait 24 hrs after a game or practice is complete before voicing any concerns about playing time with the coach.

  • Parents will stay out of the dugout and off the field prior to, during, and after games. Refreshments should be given to players before games and practices, not during.

  • Parents will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct such as booing, taunting, and using profane language and gestures.

  • Parents agree to take responsibility for any actions that violate our Parent Expectations by a guest, relative, and/or parent or guardian.

  • Parents will teach their child to play fair and always do his best.

  • Parents will review with their player what it means to represent the RR organization by having their player read and agree to our Player Expectations.

  • Parents agree to make a serious commitment to RR and to make practices and games a priority. We expect players to attend all games and practices. If your player has an illness, injury, or other extenuating circumstance, parents agree to contact RR as soon as possible to excuse their player’s absence from a practice or game.

  • Parents agree to pay invoices on time and understand that invoices that are more than 5 days past due will incur a $25 late fee. 

  • Parents understand they are committing to a full season with RR when they register their player. Parents agree to pay any open balances on Season Fees, Tournament Fees, and other fees for the entire season.

  • Parents agree to furnish the proper documents and/or accept the appropriate terms as required by RR for their child to play, including but not limited to a birth certificate, release of liability, medical consent, and photo release.

  • Parents agree to read the Player Expectations with their player to ensure their player understands what is expected of them.

  • Parents understand that violations of the Parent Expectations may lead to immediate removal from RR games and/or practices. Repeat offenses may result in their player being released from the RoughRiders Baseball Club.

  • Parents agree to contact the coach and schedule a time to talk should they have any questions or concerns.

  • Parents understand that our Coaches and Staff will not discuss any player(s) other than the parent’s own player.

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